My Love for Tea

I was never a tea lover till I went to the UK in 2007 and thereafter took to tea due to the cold weather there. Since then I & my tea have formed a solid partnership.

I love making tea and I love those 15 minutes of my life where I spend that me time with my tea. The warmth it provides, thought provocation through its aroma and the freshness thereafter makes me come back to my buddy in tough times- my tea. 

These days I have 3 cups of tea, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one late evening. 

The entire process of boiling the tea, adding herbs and masala and then simmering it with milk, filtering it with awaited breadth and hopes of making every tea better than the one before is the most exciting feeling. Once the tea is ready the world becomes irrelevant. It’s me and my tea spending time together, taking me to my dreams and allowing me to think more clearly as to how I can reach those dreams.

My tea makes me feel bigger than what I am, makes me feel happier than what I am and its a friend who is indeed a friend in need. It asks no questions, it gives no answers, it does not suggest, it does not guide my tea simply makes my those 15 minutes of life worth the pain, efforts and fight we do beyond them.

I love my Tea.